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"Not Your Typical"

 "Not your Typical"
(Random thoughts and lyrics on my mind)
I need to tweak these thoughts into a song......who wants to help me???

She's not your typical coffee drinkin', bat your eyelashes, come over here kinda woman,

She's got that classy with a side of sassy,
And she'll make your world turn a 360,
In a good way, the way she sways is like no other,

She sways from the conflict,
Sways from the drama,
Sways from the basic,
She's got that nah nah nah

I don't need your blahs blahs blah,
I don't need that wake me up fix me up,

I need that 6am workout at the gym,
Running at sunset until the sun goes down,

She's got that love yourself remedy,
Making her feel brand new and ready,
She doesn't follow trends, or the next best thing,

She sways her own way,
She lights up her own days,
She shines like the sun,
She doesn't care for the haters,
Tryin' to put her down,
Because they're so dissatisfied,
Wake up wake up, love your life,
Don't worry about me,
I walk my own stride,
Genuine and kind,
Don't twist my sunshine,
I'll shine out the darkness,
Dissipate the shadows you throw at me,

I'm just being me, I'm not trying to be anyone else,
I won't be locked up with a key to be forgotten on a shelf,

I shout it loud, I'll shout it proud,
This is my life and my time is now! A*
©️Andrea Star

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'Life Reflections"

 My mind is racing overwhelmed,
Not sure of where I'm going,
Or what I'm pursuing
I know this journey is my own
But where does it lead me, where will I go,
I'm searching for the answers,
But I just come up blank,
Take me to the chapter,
Where I figure it all out,
Take me to the page when it all comes together,
Take me to the book that is my story,
Let me read the pages,
To lead me to direction,
Because I'm at a crossroads,
Lost in daily reflections,
Take me to serenity,
Where my soul feels calm and free,
Take away this anxiety,
So I can finally breathe,
Where is my life taking me,
Where do I need to go,
I need to take a moment,
Just let it all go,
Until the pages make sense,
and yesterday ends,
To turn the page to new stories,
Not worrying about the end,
The binding of this book is my foundation,
My life is a beautiful creation,
Questions will be answered,
Once I let down the pen
And let God write again......A*
©️Andrea Star #Lyricist #Poet #Songwriter #Singer 

"Not Your Journey"


 You can break me down with words,
You don't know how much it hurts,
I'll always remember what you said,
Forever in my memory,

So please be mindful of your mouth,
The fingers on the keys,
For what you say to me,
Leaves hidden scars inside of me,

You know not what you do,
So now I'm telling you,
I'm only human just like you,

We're not perfect here,
This world is full of flaws,
But if we can clip our claws,
And trade them for hugs,

The world would have more love,
A constant battle of war,
Knocks on every door,

Competition, hate, and jealousy,
Oh that person has more than me,
Why can't I have what they have,
Why is my life this way,

The questions reminisce,
You are worthy of having bliss,
It's been inside of you,
All this time you ran from it,
Chasing another's journey,
When it's been in you all along,
To find true happiness,

Stop looking out the window,
And step out the front door,
Start making things happen,
And you'll realize what life is for,

Stop worrying about your neighbor,
Stop comparing others,
Your life is your own
You make your own home,
Focus on your life,
Forget about the others

Then you will find peace and tranquility,
It's better to be a lover than an endless hater,

So find the peace within you,
Turn your focus around,
And you will turn your life 360,
To be where you want to be....A*
©️Andrea Star #Poet #Inspire #Tuesday #Lyricist

"Shooting Bullets"

 You shoot words like bullets without thinking,
You cut the sunlit canvas with your knives,
So darkness overrides,

Tell me why you have to tear at the seems,
Of what makes a person gleam,

Take your bullets from your guns
Set them down on the ground,
Before the blood runs,
Set down your knives,
Enough this time,
Let me be happy, let me feel alive,

Are you afraid to smile,
So you want everyone else to frown,
Don't take me down with you,
Don't take me down with you,
Don't try to dim my glow,

Take your bullets from your guns
Set them down on the ground,
Set down your knives,
Enough this time,
Let me be happy, let me feel alive,

I'll give a hand to lift you up,
When you're feeling low,
But don't take me down with you
Don't take me down with you,
Don't try to dim my glow,

Take your bullets from your guns
Set them down on the ground,
Set down your knives,
Enough this time,
Let me be happy, let me feel alive....A*
©️Andrea Star #Poet #Writer #Lyricist

"Wrap Me Up"

 Wrap me up in tears,
Wrap me up in pain,
Wrap me up in all the memories of my yesterday,

So I can break through and shatter the chains,
That hold me down, keeping me down,

Let me break free so I can feel free,
Let me escape from the chains of my past,

So I can stand on solid ground and turn it all around,

So wrap me up in fear
Wrap me up in memories,
Wrap me up in loss,

So I can break free of the chains that are holding me down, keeping me down

Wrap me up in contemplation,
Wrap me up in confusion,
Wrap me up in all the questions,
Keeping me from persuing,

My dreams to reality, let me break these chains holding me back, break through the hold on me, so I can feel free,

So I can live for today,
Say goodbye tonyesterday,
And be ready for tomorrow,

Where you can wrap me up in hope,
Wrap me up in dreams,
Wrap me in a rainbow as I watch it glow and gleam,

Let my wings embrace me so I can fly free,
Higher towards the sky,
Higher and higher,

My wings are hiding beneath the surface,
They chase me but I run too fast,
Help me slow down so they can grasp the peace in me,
Waiting to be unleashed and set free.....A* ©️Andrea Star

(The lyrics are never the same when I get out of the shower and try to write them down.......).

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She's a poet - poems from the past - written by me from 2015 - 2011

"The Sensitive Soul"


July 9, 2015 · 

"The Sensitive Soul" *A
I'm a little confused out of place,
I'm in the moments,
where I feel misplaced,
my life is a battlefield,
the thoughts I hear,
things people have said,
they can be mean,
they can be cruel,
but I'm no fool,
I've given my heart,
only to be stabbed in the back,
I have dreams of being hated,
abandoned and alone,
my life is a joke sometimes I know,
I feel I'm a good person,
I've tried to fit in,
but I was born to stand out,
I guess the road to success,
is lonely,
people never stay,
maybe I push them all away,
always left in the dust,
with the lack of trust,
I've always been honest,
never a fake,
so they take me for granted,
all they do is take,
words shatter me like glass,
but I still come right back,
I stand up and move on,
but the scars remain from the fall,
though you can't see the scars on my skin,
they come out from within,
so many years,
where do you go when there's no where to turn,
how many times can you break before you shatter,
does it even matter,
it all started in November of 86,
must have been something I missed,
what's it like to be invisible,
in a world where I was born with scars,
they're words ripped at me like knifes,
at home and in life,
let it go, let it go they say,
I'm sensitive because I feel,
I'm sensitive because I care,
I'm sensitive because I'm human,
I'm sensitive because I am,
Being sensitive makes me stronger not weak,
I see the way they look at me,
What's it like to be an empath,
they'll never know,
the pain and the burdens drown me out,
like waves over sand castles,
who am I,

"When Thoughts of Before Return"

 February 3, 2014 ·

 "When Thoughts of Before Return" *A

so I sit here in silence,
the thoughts before return,
a time once had, buried,
only to be brought back,
some time later,
is this how we grow,
only to go back,
damage from the past,
must I just forget,
a problem from before,
comes knocking at my door,
who's there, I won't answer,
this is my life,
moving on is what I've done,
so why do you return,
why must you put the knife back,
once I pulled it out,
why must you remind me,
of a time so long ago,
take it back with your past,
fill your life with regret,
I'm not that upset,
everyone makes mistakes,
no one is ever perfect,
so sit back and relax,
let go of the past,
time passes it never stops,
not eve a broken watch can stop it,
so let it go, let it go,
my life is now,
I don't live in yesterday,
I made it to today so here I am,
This is where I stand,
this is my redemption,
I'm living in the present,
so why stay in the past,
I'm done with all of that,
there's no going back,
I lit the flame to burn it,
never to remain,
Let's not go there again,
a time before forgotten,
it's overdue and rotten,
The end.......*A

"Frozen Intentions"

 March 24, 2014 ·

 "Frozen Intentions" *A

Meet me at the starting line,
I never want it to end,
let there be no finish line,
I don't want to pretend,
that what I feel isn't there,
my thoughts tell me to run,
do I have a reason to stay,
my heart is incomplete,
frozen cold so deep,
so I bury how I feel,
So I don't know it's there.
nothing is ever real,
and life just isn't fair,
so I'll rest my eyes at night,
as I hope to fall asleep,
when the sun awakes,
it all will fade,
I'll be strong enough,
to just walk away,
there's no heart left to feel,
no dreams left to dream,
I'm lost in my escape,
I'm staying right here,
where it's safe,
until someday,
when all is true,
until then,
I'm shutting it all out.......*A

"When a Smile Finds your Face"

 July 25, 2013 ·

 "When a smile finds your face" By *Andrea Star

It's that day you wake up living,
leaving all those tears behind,
as you close the curtains,
at the end of your past,
your glass goes from half empty,
to filled with here I am,

It's the way you feel,
when you open your eyes to morning,
that moment you let go,
yeah you just know,
that everything's alright,

It's the day you wake up living,
feeling all forgiving,
forgetting all those grudges,
holding stead fast to new beginnings,

It's the way you feel,
when you see the sunrise or set,
a few short moments of serenity,
that calm feeling so heavenly,

It's that time when you start over,
seeing everything for the first time,
like a baby or a child,
wide eyed and curious,
when you begin again,
in a different kind of light,

It's that moment you wake up,
and everything's alright,
it's that feeling of liberation,
weight lifted off your shoulders,
all the bad just fades away,
and a smile finds your face.......*A

"Strength in Numbers"

 October 23, 2013 ·

 "Strength in Numbers" By Andrea

The ability to show strength,
when your foundation is shaking,
your feet are planted on the ground,
when it's cracking all around you,

You fight for a moment,
a chance to breathe again,
you stumble but no one sees,
you fall and pick yourself up,

When everything seems so unclear,
you feel like broken glass,
shattered on the floor,
yet know one knows the truth,
but you can't hid eit anymore,

You can make it through the storm,
no matter how strong the winds,
even if it breaks down your door,
you will be standing, fighting to win,

You are the crescent in my sky,
you are the angel by my side,
every sister, every heart,
always together, never apart,

Hold on steadfast you will conquer it all,
when you feel you might fall,
call me and I will catch you,
Don't fret my dear, for I am here,
to make your sorrows fade away,

Even though times may be tough,
and it feels as though your smiles,
are slowly fading by facade,
just know you are loved,
no matter how far,
wherever we are,
always in my heart,

Strength in numbers come rushing in,
there will be no giving up,
not giving in,
success driven we will win,
make it through,
because you can, don't look back,
just laugh at the memories,
remember why you're here,
believe in yes you can,
because I believe in you! *A

"The Truth Behind My Eyes"

 November 4, 2013 · 

"The truth behind my eyes" *Andrea

Lost and alone I carried myself,
to a place where I could forget,
if even only for a moment,
to live in a world to be loved,
have you not noticed lately,
my heart is coming undone,
growing up in shadows,
dreading my tomorrows,

have you seen me latey,
drowning in my sorrows,
the tears that came to visit,
every night in bed,
as the ligths went out,
I remember it all over again,

the days at school ridiculed,
for being different, being me,
little kids can be so mean,

Though now I'm older,
I've grown stronger,
the memories remain,
the hurt and the pain,
the reminders of those days,

you can't change the past,
the present is what I have,
but the scars remain,
shadows of my past,

Alone in my room,
they didn't notice,
a brother so distant,
not even there,

A shadow remaining,
yet I still smiled each day,
the facade kept me breathing,

Now is the day I look back,
what it now means to me,
a sorority let me in their arms,
with love and honor,
genuine and kind,

Forever and for life,
sisters by my side,
I know what it means,
to be part of something,
greater than I,

I remember the days,
I remember right now,
All I know is I made it,
strong and resilient,
as a woman with scars,

I've walked miles with broken shoes,
my head held high,
with every stride,
I walk my path with pride,
I know what it's like,
on the other side,
I can safely say,
that I survived.......*Andrea

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"Sunshine of Hope"

 October 7, 2013 ·

 "Sunshine of Hope" By Andrea 10/7/2013 3:52pm

When you're Feeling alone and helpless,

just know yuo can get through this,

when an ocean fills your eyes,

but you don't have time to cry,

just close your eyes and breathe,

take a moment, feel the breeze,

when all seems dark and grey,

filling life with shadows,

look up to the sky,

knowing all will be all right,

Stand tall and steadfast strong,

the storm will dissipate,

the rain will clear and clouds will part,

and the sunshine will fill the sky,

I promise you will be alright,

take a breathe and listen,

you will break through your mission!

Written by Andrea 10/7/2013

As I was writing this the sun shined as bright as possible through my window! God was listening to my words! :) Feeling loved by Heaven! *A

"Time to Walk Away"

 October 20, 2013 · 

"Time to Walk Away" *A

I'm walking backwards,
as you're walking forwards,
when all I want to do is leave,
as much as it burns,
the flames are all gone,

I've tried so many times,
to make it work,
but in the end we both hurt,
it's not worth the fight,
when the battle's never won,

I try to walk away,
and then you follow me,
stuck in slow motion,
as hard as it is,
as much as it hurts me,

the truth isn't far,
part of me wants to try again,
but part of me is just so tired,
you can't bring back ashes,
and turn them into flames,

you can't make what was again,
so listen to me as I say these words,
I no longer want to hurt,
confusion overtakes my thoughts,
as you try to pull me in,
as I'm slowly letting go
but you won't let me go,

and so the chapter never turns,
this book never ends,
even though it's raining,
and the ink is bleeding out,
the pages have worn out,

I try to think of reasons to stay,
as I think of ones to leave,
and as I slowly pull away,
you grab me in again,
even though I'm fading,
my shadow remains alone,
as I turn the corner,

you still pull me back,
it's hard to let go when I know,
you know about me,
what I can do,
so you're playing with feelings,
that just are not true,

I fight the air to breathe,
suffocating in your grasp,
holding on while letting go,
then all we do is crash.......

To be continued.......

Written by Andrea 

"Wake Me Up Now"

 July 25, 2013 ·

 "Wake me up Now" By Andrea 

Wake me up now,
wake me up now,
I'm tired of sleeping,
dreaming in cryptic,
wondering what comes next,

deciphering dreams is like,
trying to catch a firefly,
in the middle of the night,
when they turn out the lights,

Wake me up now,
Wake me up now,
I'm falling into an abyss,
was it something I missed,
feeling a bit apathetic,
drowning out the fears,

the unknown uncertainties,
derail within me,
like a poison to my blood,
I'm drinking toxins into my lungs,
as I ponder what's to come,

It's not that I'm not happy,
It's just that I'm afraid,
to truly feel what I feel,
instead of running away,

So wake me up now,
wake me up I'm falling,
into distance seas,
holding me under,
as I fight the air to breathe,

Wake me up now,
wake me up,
my subconscious overtakes me,
blinded by this fear,
invoke in me the reals,
the love I truly feel,

Wake me up now,
wake me up somehow,
fight this fear,
this apathetic mind,
that I call mine,

Wake me up now,

wake me up.......

By Andrea

"Simplistic moments Divine"

 June 11, 2013 · 

"Simplistic Moments Divine" *Andrea Star

I've fallen into recognition,
on the path of my resistance,
for I cannot deny,
the way the story goes,
although I can change the outcome,
with what inspires me,
within the secret doors,
underneath the lock,
the key I wear around my neck,
holds power to the fire,
burning from within,
waiting to set it free,
to consume every part of me,
though the waves crash in,
from deep within,
the shores of yesterdays,
cancelling out the past,
no worries of the future,
only the here and now,
takes over me so simply,
winds gusting around,
caressing every part of me,
waves kissing my feet,
in the essence of rock into sand,
serenity and peace,
overcome me,
so I look up to the heavens,
and know I am alive,
free to live my life,
with no worries in the skies,
of rain or thunderstorms,
only sun shines down upon me,
in rays of sunset clouds,
for nature has my heart,
no other soul shall have me,
my free spirit nature,
takes me on summer walks,
on sandy paths of serenity,
blissfull simplicity awakened me,
living for the moment,
right here, right now,
no other time or place,
no thought or mistake,
can take me from this moment,
I live for just this moment.......*A

"Whether You Do"

 April 17, 2013 · 

'Whether you Do' Written By *Andrea Star
Whether you do or you don't,
You can or you won't,
You want to or need to,
But can't find a reason to,
Let go of the past,
All that you have or you lack,
Don't hesitate now,
No turning back now,
Keep your eyes where your standing,
No peaking a rearview,

Rip off the mirror,
Keep driving along til your 
Eyes become clearer,
The waters of past times,
wipe them away now,
No time for rain drops,
Or regrets,

2 hands on the wheel,
At 10 and 2,
Eyes on the pathway,
In front of the driveway,

You're driving away from,
The life you once had,
 thoughts of the past,
All that made you mad,
Drive out the front gate,

As the storm dissipates,
Your view becomes clear,
Freedom awaits you,
Almost crystal clear now,
Drive away from the ashes,
Of the burnt out flames,
From the past you just left behind,
Time to relax and unwind,

So roll down the windows,
Like you don't even care,
The wind in you hair,
With the music full blast,
With a farewell to your past,

A smile a laugh,
Reaching your eyes,
Set yourself free from all your demise,
The road seems so simple now,


 April 22, 2013 ·

 "Misinformed" Written By Andrea (For all you ladies out there!!!)


I hear that you heard some news,
that I'm still hung up on you,
so I cry myself to sleep at night,
with you on my mind,

I heard that you heard,
I'm losing my mind,
without you by my side,
and I struggle to survive,

well now didn't you ever hear,
that old well known saying,
if you don't hear it from the source,
then it's false information,

Let me tell you something,
lean in a little closer,
and listen up here,

What makes you think I'm sad without you,
and I can't live without you,
what makes you think I'm not okay,
you shouldnt believe what others say,

You thought I hit rock bottom,
well now think again,
here's the story,

when you said that you were leaving,
My heart filled with joy,
a band was playing in my mind,
I didn't waste any time,

I threw out everything,
that reminded me of you,
I told myself good riddens,
and I'm so over you,

I 've never felt so alive,
since the day you walked out of my life,
I feel like a weights been lifted,
i feel my like my whole life has shifted,
you thought I would miss you,

haha no I don't think so,
I feel just fine,
never been better, I'm on cloud nine,
I've never felt so high, so high,

I don't have to answer to you,
tell you where I'm going,
or ask for your permission,
tell me again what I'm missing,
because I'm in heaven living,
my life here on earth,

And you're no where to be found,
so I'm blasting my music,
driving with the windows down,
feeling so alive,
I should have left you,
quite some time ago
I feel more alive now,
than you will ever know,
I'm so relieved you had to go,

you must have been misinformed...*A

I wrote this just for the heck of it..something that just came to mind..I hope you ladies enjoy it! *A

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"Diversity of Shoes"


"Diversity of Shoes" *Andrea

March 27, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Lift me high above the stars,

Beyond the clouds.

The hazy skies,

Lift me beyond,

The knowledge I have known,

Take me past what is known,

Breathe me into another place,

Far from this time, this day,

Let me see more that thine eyes,

Hear clearer than the mind,

Drift my senses to oblivion,

Refresh my moments,

Thoughts on time,

Show me ways,

I know not of,

Take into account,

A life there of,

Of another view,

Show me the eyes,

Put me in shoes,

I have not worn,

Experience be key,

Revel in me,

Beyond what I know,

What I see,

Show me bliss,

Of what I missed,

Born into another soul 

How then,

What story possessed 

Shall be told,

What thoughts,

What learning,

How must I know,

For if not lived,

For if not breathed,

In anothers' shoes,

Like that they thought,

Like that they heard,

Like that they learned,

How I have not known,

How views so change,

No rights of judgements,

Justified not,

The life I live,

Is their's,

For I have not,

Lived like them,

Loved like them,

Raised like them,

How have I rights,

To say judging thoughts,

If my life not theirs,

My thoughts not of them,

How see a moment,

Differs from thine eyes,

Same time, event, moment,

Various interpretations,


Not one the same,

Not one life identical,

If not possessed the life,

Of one whom is judged,

How does one judge,

Another life,

If not known that life,

Other than,

That life,

Then that of,

Their own,

Their mind's,

Thoughtful hone,

Possess not,

Know not,

Judge not,

Be not,

Unfair, unset, unjustified,

Know not of those judged,

No judge be justified,

One life to another,

None the same of the other,

No other that of another,

No rights possessed,

Unless place time birth,

Given too,

Lived out through,

With specific mind of thoughts,

Other than of you,

Other than the same,

Each mind differs,

From that of each,

And every other,

None the same,

No thought exact,

Solid fact,

That is that. *A

"Breathe me Back to Life"

 March 30, 2013 ·

 "Breathe me Back to life" *Andrea 

"Lift me high above the ashes,

of my burnt out past,

As I rise above the memories,

forgetting everything,

lift my spirit to the skies,

spread my wings out,

far and wide,

open my eyes into new light,

my mind is clear and and gentle here,

serenity will find me,

happiness will shower me,

life will breathe back  into me,

change becomes me,

my soul, my inner self,

for I am awakening,

in a new degree of me,

chasing daisy's,

running free,

my shadow not far behind,

the sun, the moon,

reminds of times so simple, 

from day to night,

night to day,

breathe me back to life,

a new air of hope, of love,

of serenity, awaken me,

set me free, these chains,

cold and thick, break me free,

what's ailing me,

lift me high above the ashes,

of my drowning past,

as I swim to shore to find my breath,

breathe into me a breathe of life,

so I can live again....*A

"Iced Over..Evermore"

 March 26, 2013 at 11:19 PM

The organism within my chest ices over,

a constant reminder,

of what I can't remember,

unable to miss,

what I never possessed,

feelings don't live here,

a breath, a kiss,

never known,

never touched,

in the light of love,

behold truth,

of this I've never known,

what hath not experienced,

thou shall not miss,

so thou shall breathe,

blissful contentment,

eyes aglow not here,

reminisce nothing,

that never was,

not here,

solid ice burgs remain afloat,

warmth of touch,

to melt the cold,

I shiver relentlessly,

behold my truth,

I feel not,

I miss nothing,

thou cannot make something,

out of nothing,

with that of nothing at all,

nothing still,

nothing wills,

nothing kisses,

or caresses,

nothing possesses,

nothing breaks,

nothing hurts,

nothing feels,

nothing out of nothing,

makes nothing,

ice remains,


unfold never, not once,

a time never,

fairy-tales live not,

thine eyes see nothing,

hear nothing,

know of nothing,

that remotes to love,

feeling nothing,


happiness alone,

confides in my soul,

if I shall be melted,

it would take a thousand fires,

like hitting stones of sand,

untouchable organism,

always, always,

in all ways.......


nothing more,

than nothing left,

than nothing missed,

nor possessed,

nothing loves,

nothing cares, nothing feels,

nothing does,

but nothing at all...

nothing, nothing, nothing...

I feel absolutely nothing,

of nothing at all......

That is all......*A

"Avoid Fire, Escape Burn"


"Avoid Fire, escape burn" *Andrea 

March 27, 2013 at 12:15 AM

Take this, take this,

behold this,

empty carcass,

this organism,

this chest,

surrounding fences,

consoled many of times,

titanium forbidding,

attempts of piercing,

if any, none the less,

unknown to me,

defied by me, what of me,

contentment in silence,

forbidden essence,

heart of gold, untouched,

turns solid stone,

known not of,

such silly love,

or so they say,

never play with fire,

return with burn,

not so bright,

avoid the fire,

escape the burn,

miss nothing,

not known,

what thou can't feel,

hath no knowledge of,

such discrepancies,

avoidance perseveres,

ever clear of,

runaway from what,

of nothing never was,

or was it, how so of it,

not known of it,

what that of it,

what is it,

what thou needs,

not need of, want of,

long of,

nothing known of,

there of,

nothing awaits,

nothing seeks,

nothing aches,

nothing awakens,

inside souls,

a heart of Gold,

forbidden by,

titanium resides,

nothing of mine,

possess me not,

love me not,

feel me not,

kiss me not,

know me not,

thou can't feel nor touch,

before caress,

before kiss,

before courtship,

there of,

tis not respect,

tis not love,

thou cannot feel purely,

intentions rude,

owner not prude, 

nor prideful,

only cherished,

curtseys, not betrayed,

feeding lions convey not love,

steak for lion, satisfied,

yet still a hunger,

so shortly after,

resides still yet again,

feed lion not,

caress lioness,

to train lion is to not feed,

as to find true trust by not to give into lust,

thou cannot hold honesty,

if not wait,

for a chance,

a feeling grows,

or so does it, wait,

wait, not so fast,

too quick to grasp,

loss so soon,

once given,

tack back not, there of,

no love, no heart,

a lust there not,

nothing but nothing lasts,

nothing takes,

if nothing holds,

strength of choice,

hidden voice,

mine it's mine,

earn thy mine,

nor yours,

nothing grows,

nothing remains,

taketh away so easily,

no longing if given,

no want no need,

already possessed,

wait wait, not too quick,

not too quick, patience,

virtue of must, behold,

like scattered dust,

in scattered  sands,

once was,never again,

behold, disaster,

meaningless temptations,

moment passed,

goodbye, goodbye,

so soon, so quick,

no bliss, no reminisce,

done and done again,

nothing of what hath already have,

take this take this,

behold this,

empty carcass,

this organism,

awaits courtship,

not possessed,


earned love means more,

than nothing of quickly surrendering,

shadows barren, regret,

regret, upset,

regret, take back,

not again,

never again,

ties, bonds broken,

behold this,



giveth away,

nor taketh away,

mine, mine,

behold patience,

time, take me not,

love me not,

giveth not,

earn me not,

abide time,

for sweet angels,

haste, haste,




"Farewell vengeance"

 March 9, 2013 ·

 "Farewell Vengeance" 

Random poetry by *Andrea

Farewell eyes of tears,

Deepest fears,    

Behold caressing torment,    

Forbidden memories arise,    

Blazing fire,    

Thoughts arise,    

Echoing whispers,    

Tainted drops,    

Bleeding essence,    

Solitary demise,    

Hollow hearts alive,    

Mystic vengeance,    

Revealing Sun,    

Empty darkness,    


Shadow figures,    

Stand erect,    

Shifting gazes,    

Never met,    

Beware riddles,    

Fading truth,    

Signify madness,    

Notify souls,    

Damage unfolds,    


Weary eyes,    

Iridescent waters,    

Quicksand. *A    

     02/27/2013  Just exploring my writing abilities :)

"Inner Strength"

 March 10, 2013 ·

 "Inner Strength" *A

 Inspiration for you :)

When ever you feel alone,

when you feel so weak,

you lack strength to stand,

so weary and frail,

like you're made of glass,

on the verge of breaking,


when all you see,

is your shadow on the wall,

You try to stand,

but only fall,

gravity pulls you down,

smiles turn to frowns,

breathe in, breathe out,

take a moment to yourself,

think of all you love,

what makes you smile,

makes you laugh,

remember the laughter,

let it flow through your veins,

from fingers to toes,

laugh out loud,

let it all out,

fight against fears,

all thoughts of doubt,

throw them all out,

they're not welcome here,

negatives turn positive,

come back to life,

you are worthy,

of a happy life,

take a chance,

stand your ground,

take a moment,

to turn your life around,

it's your life to live,

and your time to win,

remember the laughter,

and hold it tight,

everything will be alright. *A

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"Fading into Subconsciousness"


"Fading into Subconsciousness" *A

March 9, 2013 at 2:05 AM

Tell me now, tell me now,

It's not true, it's not true,  

You left me here in silence,

I reminisce over and over,  

What went wrong,

When did the lights go out,   

When did we fade to black,

The curtain fell before,   

I could sing my song, to you,

Now I fight myself inside,

Looking in the mirror,   

I'm on the edge of breaking,

7 years bad luck,   

Doesn't look so good,

For me now,   

Tell me oh what happens now,

Take my hand, spin me around,  

I remember the days,

A simple life,   

Now I see it never was simple,

Hey, can you hear me,   

Do you remember,

That moment our eyes met,  

Was it summer or winter,

Now I can't remember,

Your memory is fading, 

Into the distance of my past,

I no longer look back,   

If I do I only crash,

into a wall of hidden memories,   

Secrets even I don't know,

I'm hiding,   

Filling the void residing,

Amnesia in my brain,

Who are you again? 

How do I know you,

When did we meet,   

Wait did you kiss me,

Or was that just a dream,   

Hold on I'm thinking,

But nothing seems clear,  

I can't remember, can't remember,

The last time you were here, with me,  

Were you ever here,

Tell me why you're fading,

My thoughts are so unclear,   

My last memory,

I thought you were here,

My last memory,    

I walked away, no looking back,

Now I remember, now I don't,

It all fades to black,   

Stolen memories of my past,

My subconscious,   

Doesn't want me to know you,

She keeps me from the memory, 

Of the day you walked away,

She hides you with a wall,  

I can't remember you at all,

Like you never never happened,  

Like we never were,

But I know it did,   

Somehow, someway I'm sure,

I just don't remember anymore,

don't remember anymore,

Anymore, anymore.


"More Than A Diamond"

 February 15, 2013 ·

 “More Than A Diamond” By Julia Andrea Star ...Written.......Aug 4th 2011

“More Than A Diamond” By  Andrea 

04 Aug 2011

I see Diamonds in the air,

but not the kind you think,

they’re the little things,

that make me smile,

make me glow,

they shine so brightly,

but they don’t sparkle,

and you can’t wear them on a ring,

the diamonds shine inside of me,

they are everything I am,

every obstacle I passed,

the gems are the people,

so dear to my heart,

and the moonstone,

well let’s not go that far,

haven’t found that one yet. *J

Written By Julia Andrea Jade

"Tiger Power of 86"

 February 21, 2013 ·

 Tiger power of 86'! *A Written by Andrea Star :) Read if you want to be inspired!

Take your negativity with you when you leave,

there is nothing you can say,

to take my down,

not even with chains of steel,

I'll break through with titanium,

I'm fierce like a tiger,

born in 86,

I fight to the end,

I'll be the last one standing,

I stand on solid ground,

there's no pushing me down,

my feet are planted with fury,

and I'm not going down,

you'll see me at the top,

the highest mountain,

can't keep me away,

I'll shine like the sun,

melting everything in my way,

My pride is humble,

I believe in yes I can,

my moments are now,

No holding back,

no backing down,

I'll  take 10 steps forward,

before I take a step back,

Living the life,

I am what I write,

if hell's fire takes over,

I'll be the ocean and sand,

to wipe out the flames,

I will reign with steady hands,

hear my roar,

I survive every storm! *A

"The Sands of Goodbye"

 January 22, 2013 · 

"The Sands Of Goodbye" Written By Andrea Star1/22/2013 12:00am

The bars around my heart are back,

with everything that shattered,

my love is nothing now but faded,

my heart has dissipated,

shattered memories now lying on the floor,

of all that once was, no longer is,

beginning with a kiss,

ending with a sorrowed hug,

disintegrated moments,

I told you one too many times,

I don't follow lines and flowers,

I need more than chocolate, more than words,

fading in the distance your eyes, two blanked out stones,

you say you love me, but all I hear is goodbye,

you say you need me, but all I see, is you walking away,

You hold me close, but you feel like stone,

inevitably time caught up, time for me to wake up,

leaving me in wreckage of this new demise,

I let it all go, for the sake of saving face,

the masks wore out and the truth came out,

and so our lives goes on,

separate directions,

a path met only to split,

it hit me like lightning,

the truth I denied,

you were never really mine,

I could see it in your eyes,

the only time you looked at me,

with those loving eyes of blue,

was when you knew you lost me,

and there was no going back,

to how it was before,

we hit a dead end road,

and there's no getting through to you,

my last tears have shed in silence,

the rain of letting go, letting go,

the time is due to let it go,

I'll have you know it's not that easy,

to erase the past we had,

but now the chapter closes,

and the story has to end,

you met me for a season,

to give you something to believe in,

now take it to your journey,

all it has to learning,

Say Goodbye to emptiness,

I'm living life for the bliss,

writing brand new chapters,

in my new book of journeys,

the life that I'm still learning,

the flames have finished burning,

like dust hitting the sand,

on my feet I will land,

where my footprints skipped the sand,

God took me by the hand.......*Andrea

'Fight to Breathe"

 October 8, 2012 · 

To all my woman friends out there! Read this! ( A bit of inspiration)

I will find the air to fight,

to breathe,

the strength deep down inside of me,

to lift me up, when halfway fallen,

though I feel weak,

and strength is scarce,

I will find the will to fight to breathe,

to give myself the courage,

to fight against the current,

pulling me into tides,

though I wish to hide,

I won't break, I won't fall,

I will fight for what I deserve,

I believe that's more than you,

could do,

I will find the strength to stand,

on solid ground again,

no man could take from me,

the air I fight to breathe,

though you haunt my dreams,

I know they'll fade in time,

this is my life,

who I am is not who you see,

so you have not earned,

to deserve to be with me,

now I breathe a last breath of you,

and now I am free. *J

These words may or may not apply to every one of you. Just wanted to give some inspiration to those of you who need it. :)

Written by Julia Andrea Jade October 8th 2012 @ 11:00am

"Typing Out Loud"

 July 31, 2012 ·

 "Typing out loud" By Andrea Jade

Typing out loud

I find it hard to find,

Something for me to write,

Pondering in my mind,

What comes next?

I’m so not sure,

But if it works and so it will,

I would be in for quite a thrill,

Though what I write means nothing now,

My mind races with no reason,

Swiftly typing words of thought,

Writing down something on the spot,

What of this or that,

Where do I go from here?

Not sure how to rhyme a rhythm in time,

Where shall this lead,

Is it really me?

Or where did I go or am I still here,

Awake or a sleep,

Dreaming so deep,

Another time in another place,

What of this human race,

Fading fast I ponder,

Late at night I wonder,

What of this or that,

Where my mind is at,

Not really sure,

What am I then?

Really now what of this,

Emotional bliss,

Tainted walls surround,

My heart it pounds,

Like nothing before,

Shivering again and again once more,

An open door,

On the other side,

Where to lead,

I wonder why.

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"Summer Silence"

 June 29, 2012 · 

"Summer Silence" By Andrea Star

Like a pedal falling slowly,

as it lands upon me,

while I'm laying here alone,

in the sunlit summer sun,

and I know I'm here to stay,

where I chose to be, 

time for me moves slowly,

when no one really knows me,

more than I know myself,

because i know the truth,

only the winds listen,

to what my heart cries out,

only the desert sees,

the tears all dried,

after the rain no longer falls,

there's nothing to feel at all,

my heart lies in this chest,

made of rock and stone,

while they block my veins,

and slowly the air is faint,

my breath no longer breathes,

lying here by an abandoned tree,

pedals hanging by a string,

falling upon me, falling falling,

as I lay here in silence, underneath the sun of summer,

pondering the love of another, if love does so exist,

oh what must I have missed........*A

"Finding Steady Ground"

 October 8, 2012 · "Finding steady ground(when all around is shaking)" Written by: Andrea Star

There is nothing in this world,

that can bring me down,

I know that times are tough,

But I will stick around,

stand my ground,

give my all,

to find myself standing,

far from the failing edge,

Success is at my door,

when I choose to look beyond,

the threshold that pulls me back,

my will to fight for my well being,

is the strength I have in my believeing,

that I will make it through this hurricane,

no matter how strong the winds,

or rising waves,

I will constantly fight,

against the currents,

getting in my way,

because the life I want,

is not so far ahead,

closer and closer I become,

with each shaking step,

I will stand on steady ground,

my foundation will be found. *J

Written on Octover 8th 2012 @ 10:47am

"Pedals of Stone"


"Pedals of stone" 

June 29, 2012 at 7:41 PM

It's like falling pedals,

when I feel like stone,

of melting ice cream,

with the lack of a spoon,

that moment you walk away,

when you really want to stay,

a cloud with no rain,

or a cold summer day,

flowers with no water,

disintegrate until dry,

like an Angel without wings,

a fallen prophecy,

a perfect moment,

you find just a dream,

It's like expecting chocolate,

and you're left with vanilla,

opening an empty box,

filling you with nothing,

It's like an addiction unfulfilled,

a cigarette without a lighter,

lungs without the air,

no breath to breathe,

like a heart with no beat,

a home without foundation,

ripped apart at seems,

a failed broken dream,

like giving up a fight,

just before you win,

like salad with no dressing,

a cake without the icing,

a love without a lover,

a passion with no pleasure,

a kiss without feeling,

A hope without dreaming,

 a wish without a star,

a favorite broken toy,

or pink instead of blue,

An consequence without the choice,

an action with no voice,

like a helicopter with no propellers,

like a diamond with no shine,

a poem with no rhyme,

a dancer with no rhythm,

a singer with no voice,

that's how it feels to be alone,

with no one to have or to hold,

to care for and love,

to be their only one,

A dance without music,

is like a heart with no match,

a soul with no mate,

a dream with no act,

All that lacks,

is all I have,

a heart of stone,

while pedals fall.......

Written By Andrea Star

"Confessions of my Lonely heart"


"Confessions Of my lonely heart" 

June 8, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Behind theses eyes of the woman you see,

there's a broken little girl,

with tainted memories,

the reasons of my pain and sorrow,

and wonder why I'll be alone tomorrow,

Cause when I let someone in,

they never stay for long,

and so I learn to carry on,

when I was a little girl,

just the age of eight years old,

the words cut deep when I was told,

my grandmother has cancer,

as I watched her fade away each day,

the closest to my heart she understood my ways,

and then heaven took her away,

From that time on I found myself alone,

I would make a friend,

for them to move away,

they never really stayed,

so I built a brick around my heart,

to keep out whom would leave,

so whenever I would get too close,

I chose to walk away,

Though no one ever asked me to stay,

no one really cared to see,

the pain that rendered deep in me,

the laughing and the ridicule all those tainted years,

A child torn and scorned,

back stabbed and rejected, constantly neglected,

And though through years my strength I built,

I still carried a heart inside my chest,

I still gave my love even when it was only crushed,

every crush denied me of a chance,

at just a single name and glance,

I'm not quite sure what I did so wrong,

but I guess this is out it is,

maybe in a past life,

I did something so wrong,

and I'm paying for it now,

because all I know is pain,

and loneliness I gain,

no matter how I try,

there still are times the tears release,

I'm only human can you see it now?

The year of seventh grade,

A shy girl I was so,

I met a friend who became the best,

she was the closest one I had,

though years went by and we would fight,

we stuck through thick and thin,

When I was nineteen she passed away,

And I moved across the state,

And so the story goes,

how am I to give my heart,

or trust in a single soul,

for them to just leave me here alone,

no hand to hold and tears to cry,

I've dated and I've loved,

but it never was enough, was it?

For having a heart to pure and naive,

I let a few jerks really hurt me,

and so here I sit,

in an empty room,

no hand to hold,

no lips to kiss,

what do I have to miss,

Until one day a month ago,

some guy came in to show me,

how it feels to have someone,

but then he just disappeared,

and so now I wonder what of me,

am I ever good enough,

I'm a straight A student,

with hobbies and more,

I love to laugh and be adored,

but adored I am not nor loved,

so what of loneliness I say,

I care not to have a man,

my my heart tells otherwise,

and so I wonder here and now,

If God knows how much it hurts,

if he sees me in my pain,

Dreams shattered all the same,

From the time I was a little girl,

dancing and singing became my escape world,

though I was never good enough,

nor encouraged to pursue,

so now I sit upon my bed,

pondering my broken dreams,

and wishful memories,

So now I ask dear God and Angels,

Hear my prayers from every angle,

Do I deserve a care, a love,

am I ever going to be enough,

for why am I hear,

if only a tear,

why must I bare such sorrow,

waiting for a better tomorrow,

it just isn't fair, does anyone care,

they never stay for long,

just passing through,

so how am I to give my heart,

when it's only thrown right back,

and now my light has turned to black,

and I think that is that..

on that note good night

Written By Andrea Star 11:27pm June 8th 2012

"The Road to Finding Me"

 May 29, 2012 ·

 "The Road to Finding Me" Written I've been thinking about,

all the mistakes I've made,

within the past two weeks,

over things I've done,

over words I've said,

regret creeps up on me,

yet I know it's gong to be alright,

because that's a part of life,

living and learning, tripping and falling,

trying and failing,

giving too much or not enough,

my life is mine to own,

my faults no one elses but mine,

I know that within time,

I will come to find,

the reasons for the moments,

I wish I never had,

or the ones I cherish and wish I could have back,

the story of my life, is not far from anothers',

we all have our moments,

no we are far from perfect,

we are only learning,

to find ourselves as one,

an individual I have become,

the person I will be,

please forgive me,

for I'm still learning,

the ways in which I should be,

or the ways that I should not,

obstacles I've faced,

I will exceed them with grace,

find my inner self,

and be the woman I was born to be,

within the deepest parts of my soul,

I will learn,

I will grow,

I will find myself in time.......*A

"The Bully you Are"

 June 6, 2012 · 

"The bully you are" 

 For any child who has ever been bullied to tears.......

Who do you think you are,

ripping through my scars,

what gives you the right,

to cut me down,

when I'm hanging on a string,

you keep me dangling,

what makes you so much better,

than what I have to offer,

what can you achieve,

by being so hurtful and mean,

How can you act so cold,

your actions hurt,

did you not know,

Am I the subject of your pride,

to keep you in your highest stride,

Who do you think you are,

tearing at my scars,

what gives you the right,

tears keep me up at night,

do you like the fact that you,

can make me fall apart,

cause my eyes to tear,

is it really that unclear,

can you not see the truth,

what if I hurt you instead,

could you handle it,

would you fall apart,

until you drown in ocean tides,

as your bleeding heart, it cries

as it screams in pain, why me,

how would it make you feel,

what would you do,

if I did the same to you,

Who do you think you are,

ripping through my scars,

when I have nothing left,

you took every hope I had,

and crushed it just like that,

Who do you think you are,

who do you think you are,


Written By Andrea Star @9:09pm June 6th 2012

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'Salty Drops of Lies"

 May 17, 2012 · 

"Salty Drops of Lies" Written By Andrea Star

 11:30pm 5/17/2012

Tell me lies,

pretend to the fool,

standing in front of you,

a happiness vanished,

to rotten eggs,

smelling of old,

once new, 

now so old,

a moment of today,

becomes left in yesterday,

all though hath felt,

vanishing quicksand,

like melting rocks,

shattered into demise,

true haste awaits,

thought divine,

wash away smiles,

flowing drops of salty waters,

from eyes of pain,

hearts of gold,

turned brass stone,

take me away dear lies,

send me adrift,

as earth she cries,

the rain outside,

coincides with mine,

a chance I took,

should not have taken,

now I awaken to truth,

cowardly acts,

pretending transcends,

thought in end,

all seems unfair,

what of fair,

karma swallows ailments,

of sorrowing weeping willows,

attacking me with hugs,

now showering me in cold shrugs,

divine am I so fair,

not with a care,

drown me in lies,

oh sweet demise,

for i await,

the sun shall shine,

and so again by morning,

will I.......

Written By Andrea Star @11:30pm 5/17/2012

"Beat the Rain"

 May 18, 2012 · 

"Beat the Rain" Written By *A

I will beat the rain,
As I rise again,
The ground is good I walk on,
But not to hold me down,
Wings spread across my back,
I lift my myself to soar,

Take me from the pain,
I will win again,
Dance with me to the edge,
There is no beginning or end,

The days pass by as I'm still alive,
I cherish every moment,
Oh yes I do and don't you know it,
Beats of my heart,
Racing with time,

I will beat the rain,
Beat the rain,
As I rise again,

Sometimes you gotta sit back,
And have a feel good ride,
Contemplating pleasures,
All night to endeavor,
Move me like a wave,
Crashing into seas,

I will beat the rain
Beat the rain
As I rise again

Wash away with me,
Dance the tides with me
Say my name, say it again,
Drive me to the edge

I will beat the rain, the rain,
As I stand to rise again!"

Written by Andrea Star 

9:16am 5/18/2012

"Blue Pages"

 May 3, 2012 ·

 "Blue Pages" *A

Andrea Star

Cover me in waves of blue,
Tell me of things honest and true,
Show me sincerity,
If need make apologies,
Don't stray away,
From what I say,
Listen carefully, attentively,
So quick to judge,
Lacks of promise,
The depths of me,
In which you seek,
To preconceive an outcome,
Without knowledge of every piece,
Portrays absence of coffee,
In the wake of morning,
A day without sun,
Or nights without moons,
Or stars in a sky,
for breathtaking views,
I'm a book, of careful read,
Taking time,
a page turned,
With spaces between,
Not all of me,
up for reveal,
A time to heal,
A mending flame,
Heart of embraces,
Fragile gazes,
Sleepy hazes,
Balancing phases,
One moment passes by,
I refuse a living lie,
To bleed me dry,
Eminence Prevails,
Words recklessly trail.......

"Kiss me All the Way"

 May 9, 2012 ·

 "Kiss me all the way" By *A

"Kiss me all the way"

If you want to kiss me,
Then kiss me,
But don't try to meet my lips
Half the way,
Because I won't know,

What you're thinking,
I won't be taking a step,
I'm not sure I can take,
So I'll just lies here and wait

So if you want to kiss me,
Then kiss me,
Don't just meet my lips,
Half the way

If you say we're only friends,
It's going to be just that,
Unless you're heart wants more,
I might be down for that

So if you want to kiss me,
Lean in all the way,
Put your lips upon mine,
Caress my face,
Take your sweet time,

I've got all the time to wait,
But I'll only wait so long,
This woman senses,
Your sensitive way,

Do you like me that way,
Do you want me this way,
Do you feel what I feel,
Is this real for you,
I'm sure it's real to me,

So of you want to kiss me,
Don't meet just meet my lips,
Half the way,
Show me the man,
Take that chance,
And kiss me oh just kiss me.......

Written By Andrea Star

"Mystified Reflections"

 May 2, 2012 ·

 "Mystified Reflections" 

By Andrea Star 

What can I say for myself,
In a life left upon a shelf,
Hidden away behind broken glass,
Wearing a mask,
The face behind the clown you see,
Is she really me,
Who I am, is she alive,
A pulse with a reflection,
Where I stand, I cry,
A tear of sorrowing wonders,
She ponders cold in thunder,
Thoughts of lighting trickle Down,
Here face without a sound,
A hidden shade o light,
See her shine, for even just a moment,
An empty star so fades,
A dream so sought, now jaded,
A hope so lost, so strayed away,
From sympathies above,
Fear the bird who flies,
For she spreads her wings,
Away she goes, away,
To return she will not,
Black colours turn white,
Finding self,
Illuminating light,
What can I say for myself,
Or for herself,
Or matter of him,
So what shall it be,
What of mystery,
She is or isn't me,
The mask of Vanity.......
Written By Andrea Star 5/2/2012 @11:33pm

"Gazing Upon Paths"

 May 2, 2012 ·

 "Gazing upon Paths" *A

What of a memory,
So dear, yet of pain,
Resentment ashamed,
Whom of blame,
Listen, eyes open, listen,
A mission to consume,
Thoughts of burning flames,
Damaged window pains,
Look to see beyond,
Glass of a reflection,
Or wait, look once more,
Another side resides,
Difference I place,
Time and of space,
Move swiftly now,
Gracefully down,
A path of unknown entities,
Seemingly so fair, yet not,
Or so may it be,
Where travels follow,
Trees if hollow,
What conflicts come,
So little give,
Haste the advantage,
Look beyond eyes,
Hear beyond sound,
Feel beyond touch,
Smell beyond sense,
Awaken truth,
Strive above odds,
What of a cause,
A consequence reacts,
To actions meet it met,
Ready, aware, enlighten,
Fear not self,
Fear not what not known,
Embrace moments untouched,
Savour memories not taken,
Betrayal prevails,
Pain prevails,
Deny of thee history,
So far gone,
Fade to remission,
Hold close to conviction,
Watch thee diction,
What of anything,
Journeys do not end,
For they only re-begin,
Circles circles round,
Stories changes,
Paths astray,
Which way,
To take on,
Strong strength bleeds,
Weakness flees,
Choose now,
A life of how,
Where to now?.......*Andrea Star

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"Black Flames"

 May 1, 2012 · 

"Black Flames" *A

Eyes of pain caress,
Seeping tears at rest,
Lying in a bed of black,
Rose pedals dripping,
Bleeding themselves dry,
Candles burning black,
Essence of what lacks,
Taken aback,
Of lies and deceit,
Snakes crawling at my feet,
Swimming scales prevail,
Whispered secrets unveiled,
Twisted thoughts unopened,
Sinking organs from thy heart,
Breaking vein by vein,
As blood drips down,
Empty crevices of my soul,
A darkened doorway,
Gradually appears,
Confirming what is real,
Must come to reveal,
Break the hidden seal,
Where first chapters begin,
Before tears of pain,
I will obtain,
Before the start,
Fires eyes through hailed storms,
Ripped thy heart, forevermore,
Tearing veins, gaining pain,
Rest again thy hands on chest,
Must now I softly,
Lay to rest,
Blackness will caress, me. *Andrea Star

"Heart of Black"

 May 2, 2012 · 

"Heart of Black" 

Written By Andrea Star

Can you hear it,
pounding as a drum,
blood pours from it,
as I feel it break,
shattered shards of glass,
my eyes see only black,
sounds of dripping veins,
rupturing through pulses,
contractions and convulsions,
seeping inside my soul,
numbing all I hold,
close to me,
last breath I breathe,
farewell old loveless lust,
sweeping ashes,
from once burning flames,
but the again,
nothing as it seems,
must I be deceived,
a storm so cold,
Blazing black eyes,
come alive in me,
dare touch me dearest pain,
numb my heart,
a vessel untamed,
feelings be ashamed,
a mark, a scar,
shadow follow me,
remind me of this day,
when all turned black,
as it all fades away,
shuttered in distances,
left behind,
a shattered breath,
to remain,
forever kept,
for always....... *Andrea Star

"Blazing Fire"

 May 1, 2012 · 

"Blazing Fire"

Let the blaze of the fire,
Wrap me up in flames,
Whispering to me softly,
Winds caress around me,
Then the rain it pours upon me,
Sending ashes to the flames,

Now here I stand alone,
Shivering in the cold,
In the middle of nowhere,
As I fall to my knees,
Hitting muddy ground,

I scream out a cry,
Saying never again,
Never will I want,
Someone to hold me,
When they'll only let me go,

Now I know the consequences,
Now I bare the truth,
What happens when you fall,
And they don't love you too,
What kind of life is that to live,

What reason do I have to give,
Until the point of breaking,
Is nothing worth the taking,
Seems all is a lie, why ...

*Andrea Star

"Raptures of my Demise"

 May 1, 2012 · 

"Raptures of my Demise" *A

Drowning pools of devastation,
Relieve me of my abomination,
Flooding me into darkness,
With the light bleeding through,

A rapture knocking at my heart
The shrillness of desires,
Will I wake to see tomorrow,
A dream so real I'm hypnotized,

Sacred whispers in the night,
Fight against the eyes of truth,
Dare I not break into,
The blackest hole alive,
Drowning in my demise,

This time I've mastered solitude,
Confinement deep underground,
Deny me of my bliss,
My lone full happiness,

Mourn me of my fantasies,
Break me of my dignity,
Pull me into hollow ground,
Not a breath will be found,

Ashes once a fire,
Burnt to nothingness,
Fire in my eyes,
Flames of my demise,
Rip me of my solitude,

Written by *Andrea Star

"What You Almost Say"


"What you almost say" 

April 26, 2012 at 10:10 AM

As many the times I've tried,

to bury my heart, 

in the deepest sea of me,

somehow I find myself,

thinking again about you,

just friends I know,

you don't like me,

no you don't,

but at times it feels as though,

your lips move without a word,

hiding behind your smile,

is a truth you don't want me to know,

it's in the words you almost say,

just as I am walking away,

and even though I know,

you will never love me,

my empathy embraces,

and I can't make sense of it

do you notice that I never,

look you in the eye,

do you see how much it hurts me,

to be around you,

when honestly the truth is clear,

all of these years

The nights that lasted forever,

when tears struck down my face,

my eyes awoke with tears,

from my heart's silent break,

Though I know we'll never be,

it's for the best yes this I see,

do I want you, not that I can tell,

but I guess it's been so long,

a bond holds so strong

you're so far away,

you never say a word,

it's like you're never there,

you trap yourself inside,

you can't open a brick,

without hammering it down,

you're hiding from yourself,

you need to open your eyes,

be the one you are,

embrace every part,

I see it in the words,

in what you almost say,

am I just making up thoughts,

should I just disappear,

am I losing grip,

on what is real,

tell me what you want to say,

just say what you mean,

do the actions you're too afraid of,

take a chance and rise above,

What you almost say.......

Written By Andrea Star

 April 26th 2012 @ 10:12am

And So She Wonders"

 April 28, 2012 · 

"And so she wonders" 

written by: Andrea Star

And she wondered, to herself,
What is so wrong,
Why is it so hard,
Why am I not worthy,
Why can't you love me,
Like I want you to,
Think of me like I need you too,
Is it really so hard,
Am I so unbeautiful,
Am I so Bad a person,
To where you despise me,
What did I ever do,
Causing me such pain,
I didn't ask for this,
Why must you stray away,
So far away from me,
Am I really so bad,
Can You make me see,
What is it about me,
That you can't look me in the eye,
Tell me why,
Am I so bad a woman,
You deny me of such love,
Bury me in sorrows,
Drown me into tears,
S many years so many years,
Wasted away,
It just isn't fair,
That you're still here,
Don't you realize,
How much it hurts me,
Why can't you care enough,
Just to let me go, let me be,
You're tearing me apart,
Ripping me to nothingness,
Why how can you be so cold,
As you watch my broken heart unfold,
As it crumbles to the ground,
Can you hear the crashing sound,
Don't turn around,
Keep walking yeah keep walking,
Walk away,
Let me breathe again,
If you don't like me,
If you don't love me,
It's Only fair,
for you to leave,
Leave me be,
Just let me breathe.

By Andrea Star

 @ 12:39am 4/28/2012

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"Secrets and Lies"

 April 15, 2012 · 

" Secrets and lies"

Secrets embraced,
Hidden forces,
Darkest nights,
When dreams persevere,
Unraveled secret longings,
Never unfolded,
Cold cold fear,
Ruptured hearts,
Forever severed,
Words in sleep,
Have no meaning,
Wishful thinking not,
Truth forbidden,
Once felt, forgot,
no matter now,
Bittersweet taste,
On thy tongue,
Sour apple martinis
To soothe souls pardon,
Depart from thee,
Awaken me,
Cold like ice,
A dry ice,
Stings with thy touch,
Dismissing of lust,
Chemistry lost,
Lies crossed,
Secret lies and deceit,
Whom he deceiver bribes,
Bitter sweet white lies,
Though not so white,
As it would seem,
Better this way,
Love to let go,
Bittersweet memories,
With sour tastes,
Poisoned lips,
Stained red hearts,
Left behind shadows,
Love everyone or no one,
Can't love,
Can't trust,
Can't feel,
Not to reveal,
No Thoughts of,
Such disasters,
A lingering ghost of pasts,
Nothing ever lasts,
Bother not my dear,
See me here,
Hear my words,
Of lies and deceit,
Gift of acts,
A mask, thy mask,
Hidden from thee,
Wisdom resides,
Within this soul,
Never told,
I bear no inferiority,
Of constant arrogance
And ignorant behaviors,
Of thyself,
Put behind illusion of king,
Belong, be sweet,
Entrusting thee,
Wave away sorrowed pasts,
Let it die die,
Breathe new life,
Or waver ever slowly,
Into solidity,
Forever and always alone,
I'm not her, not she,
I am me,
Though those eyes deceit,
Mind's thoughts,
Judgments contaminate,
Farewell loathing fool,
Broken rules,
True story,
Faded glory,
Awakened at night,
No misery of fire,
Flames to ashes,
And then crashes,
Sickening disasters,
Secrets and lies,
Sever ties,
Secrets and lies,
Nothing benefits still,
Roses turn black,
Then they crack,
Dried Cold ice,
Slivering snakes,
Poison does take,
A swell farewell.

Written by Andrea Star

 7:34pm 4/15/2012




April 20, 2012 at 2:14 PM

Wrap me up in leisure,

send me away,

to a distant paradise,

lift me high above the ground, 

So i don't have to stand,

invisible within a crowd,

vanish me from these moments,

wrapped in ice so cold,

drown me in forgiveness,

oh should I be so bold,

to wonder of heavens,

not so much,

must I want nothing,

but just enough,

though what is enough,

in a world so black and white,

where grey has no existence,

and colors frowned upon,

labeled by,

deceiving faces,

misused graces,

stereotypes and judgments,

make the original shunned,

send me to oblivion,

or am I already there,

wrap me up in passions,

as I watch them glare,

my demise is their sanctuary,

to speak and gossip,

carelessly ignorant,

of their arrogant ways,

am i so different really,

society blinks, 

on the brink of nothing,

changes scarce,

they fear strangeness, 

yet so strange themselves,

awkward silence,

oblivious to intangible desires,

wasted wants, avoiding needs,

what flashes across a colored screen,

make haste, the trend,

pockets bend,

must have, must want,

when will the madness end,

to think such obscurities,

a blissful solitude,

not to be rude,

life is crude,

caused to be so,

live in fear,

or risk for greatness,

choose to live,

prevail bliss,

mediocre life,

too late to strive, yet not,

still alive, still alive,

what of age,

a desired dream,

makes way,

with preparation,

luck is no fool,

opportunity awakens,

at the one you cruel-ed,

oh surprise,

hear the cries,

such hated laughter,

such demise,

what of this,

a simplified bliss,

a secret wish,

a hidden kiss,

wrap me up in oblivion,

until this day is done.......

Written By Andrea Star

 4/20/2012 @ 2:13 pm

"Free-Hearted Woman"

 April 7, 2012 ·

 " Free-hearted woman" 

by Andrea Star 

I'm a free hearted woman
You can't hold me down
I don't have patience for a child,
Those men who drive you wild,
Acting like a little boy,
Sorry but I'm not your toy,

I'm a free-spirit, a run around,
Never see me in the same place,
Always wanting my own space,
I'll leave you in the ashes,
Of your heart when it crashes,
When you think you're loving me,

I'll be running out the door,
I don't believe in fairy tales,
No I'm not a little girl,

I'm a woman now
With a wild agenda
Always moving around,
I won't stay with ya,
Won't be with ya,
No rings with ya no no way

I'm not that kinda woman,
All tied up in a man,
Losing my heart,
With my feet in the sand,
Watching the stars with you

No I'm a free hearted woman,
You can't hold me down,
My smile won't fade,
As I say goodbye,
No I never cry for a guy,

I'm too caught up,
In moving around,
From town to town,
island to island

I'm not looking for love,
Or that perfect someone,
I'm just living my life,
Doing what I like,
And that's all I need right now,
So stop trying,
Cuz I'm not buying,
You're sweet little lies,
And silly alibis,

No I'm not interested,
I'm not up for it,
No strings attached,
I'm nobody's catch,
Better remember that!


Written By Andrea Star :)

"The Gravel Journey"

  April 7, 2012 · 

"The Gravel Journey"

Life consists of roads,
Walking barefoot,
Upon graveled paths,
Each step taken,
Leaves marks of pain,
Though lifting feet,
Gravel falls,
Marks disappear,
Some do, some don't
Some bleed, some won't,
When pain overbears,
Push gravel rocks aside,
Finding solid smooth grounds,
To stand without pain,
Rocks of all sizes,
Fill paths divided,
Lifting rocks, by lifting hands,
Leaves underneath smooth sand,
A steady path,
To walk along,
At journeys end,
We walk again,
This gravel journey,
Taken by,
Without choice,
A hidden voice,
Guidance perseveres,
Hear listen hear,
Remove rocks from paths,
Much work by hands,
Though officially beneficial,
Rocks aside,
Smooth swift strides,
Look behind,
Piles of sand,
The rocks once pained,
Remain history,
Walk on now,
Walk on,
Gravel journey,
Obstacles Overcome,
You have won!

Written By *Andrea Star

"Succumb to the Trend"


"Succumb to the trend" 

March 30, 2012 at 6:22 PM

Follow the trend,

go right ahead

A trend, a trend,

oh go ahead,

be like them,

a crowd as one,

follow the leader,

those money hounds,

look look,

it's new,

must get,

set the trend,

what of next,

subject yourself,

to lowest of low,

individuality beckons,

grown cold,

wait wait,

no no,

i want, I need,

I must have,

they say it's the next best,

must test,

or be less,

than the others,

just like the others,

be a robot,

might as well,

follow trends,

lose yourself,

silly trends,

what's in today,

won't be tomorrow,

follow, follow,

a price of sorrow,

get in debt,

the American way,

the  trend,

buy unworthy trends,

drown in debt, in debt,

so you can live the trend,

what of trend, how false,

a message sent,

by highest power,

consents the peasants,

rise above,

must have must have,

next best thing,

follow follow,

get that ring,

hurry, hurry,

rush rush,

or left in dust,

marriage to divorce,

the curse of a trend,

must do what they do,

be first be first,

to finish last,

left in the past,

yet smart ones finish last,

rebel the trend,

and fight to defend,

trend of trends,

hear me out,

oh I have doubt,

your intentions,

no fool am I,

I will not succumb,

to your silliness.

Written By Andrea Star

 March 30th 2012 @ 6:20pm

"Voices of the Sea"

 April 4, 2012 · 

"Voices of the sea" 

Written By *Andrea Star

I hear the voices of the sea,

As they call out to me,

waves of blue,

I'm crashing into,

fighting against the current,

as i come up for air,

I find no one there,

a hand to pull me out, 

a rope to drag me in,

though I'm here alone,

with no where I can go,

a whirlpool forms beneath me,

as I'm striving to break free,

slowly it consumes my breath,

I fight for air,

but no one is there,

to pull me from this current,

drifting  into oblivion,

save this soul from dying,

how I cry out, I'm trying,

lift me up high above the waters,

is there any ground left,

for me to stand,

is there hope to grasp a hand,

sinking down under,

can you hear the thunder,

of my aching cries,

my lost forever lover,

as slowly my heart dies,

I hear the sea,

calling out to me,

take me take me,

for I am made of only tears,

oh loveless years.

Written By *Andrea Star

All Words are my own. poems were written between 2011 and now. dates are days i wrote them.

"Severed Trust"

 March 29, 2012 · 

"Severed Trust" 

Written By Andrea Star 


cold barriers,

trust obtained,

trust denied,

leave, stay,

trust divine,

quirks of time,

devils side,

trust breaks,

tears flow,

seas of rain,

sickly pain,

stomach aches,



trust again,

once more,

against pains,

why more,


silenced bliss,

no more,

conceive thoughts,

trust not a must,

misty eyes,

watery lies,

truth sinks,

lies deeper still,

trust awakened,

then taken,



trusty shores,

breaking ties,

once lied,

once left,

lost forever,

trust dies. *Andrea Star


Severed trust leaves only lust,

hidden lies,

scratch blue skies,

clouds of tears,

disheveled years.

'This Soul's Fate"


"This soul's Fate" 

March 30, 2012 at 6:03 PM

"A soul's fate so Cold" 

written By Andrea Star

Say goodbye,

say goodbye,

deny deny,

glossy eyes,

deceitful lies,

vacant smiles,

walk that mile,

my only obstacle,

remains of loneliness,

 though lonely not,

hobby bliss,

reminisce past,

so different am I,

so wrong to defy the trend,

what's in is out for me I said,

my funeral I dread,

no eyes shall glisten,

with silky waters,

cold am I?

heartless trials,

living denial,

what of thee,

repel from me,

am I not human,

should I shame thyself,

of my own soul,

my heart cries,

no ears to hear,

disheveled here,

empty beds,



since day of born,

what a life,

so cold,

so lonely,

outcast-ed away,

what have i done,

such hate such hate,

disintegrate my soul,

heartless cold am I,

must I be so alien,

to these fools of earth,

invisibility consumes,


for I am real,

or am I not,

a figment,

a scar,



 yet bold and wise,

strong for life,

so strong,

so strong,

what of strength,

to hold alone,

purpose severed,

why here,

why now,

laugh out loud at me,

please ungrateful fools of earth,

hear my cry,

before my death,

Am I not of importance,

looks have I?

Care not I of looks,

just me, just me,

I'm here,

a soul,

a fragile soul of heart,

to give,

to give,

hear my plea,

take my hand,

for once,

hold me hold me,

don't let me hide in darkness,

this face this face,

such a disgrace am I,

so different from the others,

then what of me,

what of I,

hear my cry,

say goodbye, say goodbye,

deny, deny,

of me love,

what of love,

I have no knowledge,

that of love,

 love denied me,

beliefs and hopes such love,


never given,

how does it feel,

I ask,

to be loved,

what of love, of love,

what of love?

Written By Andrea Star

 Friday March 30th, 2012 @ 5:55pm

"Mind's Eye Slumber"

 March 29, 2012 ·

 "Mind's Eye Slumber" 

written By Andrea Star

Secret thoughts,
unraveled dry,
cold ice cries,
sunlit rays,
eyes burning tears,
forced awake,
upon glassy steps,
dare careless,
vulgar entities,
define rest,
dreams twisted,
flaky minds,
thoughts infected,
cloudy images,
mediocre days,
spent away,
make haste,
caution thee,
backwards dreaming,
eyes see sun, over,
still, won,
behind, dreams end,
awakened then?
Yet not, Alas,
day break,
savor bliss,
dare not reminisce. *Andrea Star

"Fading Scars"

 December 13, 2011 · 

"Fading scars" 

By Andrea Star

you may have cut me deep,

and I may still be bleeding,

but I have let you go,

and you will never realize,

what you did was wrong,

though naive as i was,

you kept me lingering on,

The scars I bare,

have made me stronger,

and now i know better,

That I was young and in denial,

when you defiled my love,

it was never love,

it was never anything at all,

I built a wall around my heart,

so I won't feel again,

and right now I remain alone,

but I am better off,

so I've turned off my phone,

I'm fine just on my own,

I now can let you go,

my heart my bleed,

I'm still in pain,

and yes it still does hurt,

but I know with time,

I will heal again,

And my heart will mend,

i don't wanna see your face,

it makes me sick to think,

of what you did to me,

though my fault or not,

does not make it right,

you fueled on my tears,

after all these year,

wasted cries on you,

I'm so over you it burns,

the flames turn to ashes,

and my soul it crashes,

"Fighting Tides"

 December 3, 2011 · 

"Fighting Tides" 

Written By Andrea Star

After every drop of rain,

slowly dies as it dries,

can I come up for air,

I won't break again I swear,

I'll try to push the pain,

always until tomorrow,

keep waiting for tomorrow,

and I will miss today,

though my questions,

really don't have answers,

that i would like to hear,

and though I live my life,

knowing what is real,

you can't take away from me,

everything I feel,

I beg and plead,

but you don't hear me,

I'm falling in a black hole,

each day I get older,

and Time stops for no one,

the bleeding essence of my heart,

what once was there,

now grown scarce,

these scars I bear,

are more than an image,

they are hidden within me,

no plastic surgery could help me now,

my insides are damaged,

from the inside out,

the mask I wore,

has lost it's touch,

as i fade too black,

this is just too much,

crying out for silence,

yet silenced by the sea,

washed away like sand,

from land to sea,

then sea to land,

rolling in waves of white,

pulling me under,

dare I not fight,

against the current,

or Would I not survive,

this ever grasping tide,

like chains unseen yet holding me,

underneath the deepest seas,

no longer can I breathe,

no air to fill my lungs,

no strength to not give up,

no reason left to try,

then I felt the calmness,

the peace of my divine,

as i awaken upon sand,

you looked into my eyes,

right through my disguise,

I find myself in bed,

as I sit up awake,

you were not there,

A dream spell overtook me,

I'm still awakened and alive,

the sheets swirled like a tide,

i'm tempted to subside,

where do you hide? *Andrea Star

'Deceiving Smiles"

 November 14, 2011 · 

"Deceiving smiles" 

Wriitten by Andrea Star

Solitary bliss,

I like it like this,

fallen hearts,

bleed til death,

awakened never,

always severed,

lost essence,

beauty blues,

'Tis not me you see,

'Tis the body you woo,

a woman inside,

hidden away,

lost in thoughts,

know not what to say,

a blurry haze,


a disguising mask,

loses form,

an erupting storm,

bitterly torn,

drawn away,


brown eyes sleep,

under closed lids,

softly she weeps,

blinded eyes,

miss her cries,

deep inside,

ice freezes,


stolen smiles,

faintly deceive,

no one sees. *Andrea Star

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"Snowflake Blues"

 November 14, 2011 · 

"Snowflake Blues" 

Written By Andrea Star

Breathe me a snowflake,

of winter bliss,

break into dawn,

oh morning mist,

drift me awake,

my heart to take,

wrap me in ice,

frozen in place,

dress me in winter,

vanish the warmth,

no summer rain,

or springtime dew,

red roses to blue,

turn oceans solid,

no salty rain,

will wash away,

freezing essence,

of my soul,

deep blue see,

no golden heat,

breathe me a snowflake,

no fire awakens,

no key to be taken. *Andrea Star

"Looking Back"

 November 13, 2011 · 

"Looking Back" 

A potentiol song 

by Andrea Star

Do you ever think about,

the moments and times,

when what could have been,

has never been,

and the tears fill up your eyes,

just wondering about that night,

a moment it felt right,

 and then you walked away,

never to return,

and now you're thinking back,

to a time in the past,

wondering how you got here,

looking so confused,

memories inside of you,

but there's nothing you can do. *Andrea Star

"But She isn't Me"

 November 13, 2011 · 

"But she isn't me" 

Potential song 

by Andrea Star

you knew him a few years back,

though never gave  a chance,

he wasn't looking for commitment,

just living the single life,

then five years go bye,

and you lived your life,

now you see his picture,

a girl in his arms,

you wonder why she isn't you,

just thinking back,

to those past days,

it never really was a thing,

but you just contemplate,

on what if she was you,

he seems so happy,

she seems it too,

you found your love,

looking so in love,

Now I'm here,

just thinking to myself,

though I'm lonely,

with no anchor to hold me,

so I'm looking back,

at what we never had,

nothing serious,

I remember that kiss,

simply casual,

then drove away,

thinking about it,

to this day,

just because I see,

how happy you seem,

wish I could be her,

hypothetically her,

to be somebody'es somebody,

to hold me in their arms,

to love me true,

to want me there,

every step of the way,

that's all I think about,

my thoughts are crying out,

seeing you and her,

just made me think,

of wanting someone too,

with no intentions of it being you,

just a memory,

that hit a cord,

just a thought and nothing more.

By Andrea Star

"Fading Smiles"

 October 21, 2011 ·

 "Fading Smiles" 

By Andrea Star

Lately my smile has been fading away,

I give you all I can,

I do what I do,

trying to impress you,

but it's never enough,

no it's never enough,

for you to see,

what you really mean to me,

Are you uninterested in me,

to you do I mean anything,

oh anything at all,

cuz I feel like I keep hitting,

a brick wall and I fall,

You're sweet enough,

just to steal my heart,

and pull me back in again,

but it only lasts a day,

and then it's all the same,

baby you take me for granted,

I feel so unappreciated,

you wouldn't even care,

if I just disappeared,

I know what I deserve,

a touch a kiss,

a sweet embrace,

is all I want from you,

you never told me I love you,

you never show me,

that I'm worthy,

you never say I'm beautiful,

Taken for granted,

yeah you take me for granted,

and it hurts and it burns,

and it's just not fair to me,

why don't you see,

your actions,

tell me you're not interested,

so what am i to do,

When I've fallen back in love with you.....

Written By Andrea Star

"More Than Paper"

 September 11, 2011 · 

"More than paper" By Andrea Star

There's still more to learn,

more to see,

so much to figure out,

I'm still me and still alive,

and I'll continue to strive high,

as long as this life is mine to live,

I'll give all the love I have to give,

in this life I'm winning,

when you know money isn't everything,

it's just paper in the end,

you can't hold it or love it,

kiss it goodnight,

or share those special moments,

not like this forever bliss,

life is more than paper,

it's the little things that matter,

when you shed tears of joy,

for just a little love,

a simple hug from a loved one...*Andrea Star

"I'll Always Forget You"

 September 14, 2011 · 

"I'll Always Forget You" 

Written By Andrea Star

I could lie and say I want you back,

but it would not be justified,

To take away my pride and say I'm sorry,

for the words i said,

but I know the truth,

you forget yeah you forget,

all the things I said before,

right when I walked out the door,

and you don't think about it,

no you don't think of me,

it's too late for I'm sorry,

there's nothing left to mend,

this can't be justified,

don't pry to ask me why,

I said I said goodbye,

there's nothing left to do,

I'm already so over you,

yeah it's true,

you never listened,

you never cared,

I wanted love,

but you were never there,

I tried but it only made me cry,

so now I'll say goodbye,

without a word,

I'll disappear no you won't see my face again,

no need for pretending,

it's all caving in,

I can't let you in again,

 it's over yeah this is the end,

I'll always forget you,

forget you,

always forget you.......

Written only by Andrea Star

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"My Last Goodbye"

 September 5, 2011 · 

"My Last Goodbye" written By Andrea Star

Can you hear the broken beats,

remaining in this heart of mine,

these empty pieces in my chest,

ripped me all apart,

until the blood went dry,

with these eyes I cry,

it hurts me deep I cannot lie,

no I cannot lie

this is how it feels,

when what you thought was real,

was never there at all,

you fell and hit the  wall,

then you just through it all away,

you quietly walked on,

blocking it from your mind,

you let time pass,

the memories smashed,

when you crashed you hit it hard,

didn't get very far,

so you turned around instead,

thinking the love was dead,

so it's buried in the wall,

deep inside the cracks,

of your forbidden past,

this will be your last,

like pieces on the floor,

you sweep them out the door,

so they won't come back anymore,

your bleeding heart has dried,

and so did the tears I've cried,

this is my last goodbye.

"I Won't Give Up Yet"

 September 10, 2011 · 

"I wont give up yet" 

By Andrea Star

I awake to find that I'm,
Stuck in frozen time,
Trying to hold on,
To the dreams within me,
But it seems time has surpassed me,
Almost escaping me,
My dreams though never die,
Until the end I'll push to strive,
Always I will try,
No matter what it takes,
This is my life I call me own,
In this place of what I know,
One day I will show,
The world all I know,
Raw talents within,
I won't give into pessimism,
I may be 24 but still young,
I will endeavor what I can ,
I will become someone.
Written By Andrea Star

"I'm Strong, I'm Alive, I will strive"

 August 9, 2011 · 

"I'm Strong, I'm alive, I will Strive" Written BY Andrea Star

I’m strong and I’m alive,

as long as I’m still here,

I will be striving high,

I carry no doubts,

on these steady shoulders,

No burdens to wear me down,

life may get harder,

but it only makes me stronger,

there’s nothing in this world,

standing in my way,

every obstacle that comes my way,

only brings me closer,

to my goals my dreams,

there’s no tree I can’t climb,

no river I can’t break free,

no words can keep me,

from being all that I can be,

I’m strong I’m alive I’m still here,

I will strive high. *Andrea Star

"I Can't Go on Like This"

 August 6, 2011 · 

"I can't go on like this" 

Written By Andrea Star

You may say you love me,

but that's not what you mean,

when you say it under your breath,

it means even less,

And I know for a fact,

you can't be in love with me,

Though it's killing me,

the way you look at me,

when you touch me,

what I feel, is it real,

emotion overload,

spinning out of my control,

I thought it was over,

ended and done with,

maybe it's just me,

I avoided everything,

I even act like I don't care,

but when you look at me,

I feel a rush inside,

I have no idea why,

but I can't confide,

in you,

no I can't tell you,

there's no point,

in this truth,

I must avoid you form now on,

this thing it can't go on,

unless the seasons change,

and I'm the only one,

this must be over,

this must be done,

I wish I could tell you how I feel,

but I'm not sure exactly,

what that is,

I'm holding back with all I have,

I will not give in,

I'm too stubborn to give in,

I can't be broken again,

are you in love with me,

or am I just like every girl,

tell me now and end this game,

and you'll never see me again.

Written By Julia Andrea Jade

"Meanings of L.I.F.E."

 Meanings of L.I.F.E. 

by Andrea Star


Learning, Identifying, Finding, Everything.

Listening, Intuition, feeling, everything.

learning Intuitive Feelings of Emotion,

Lost In Frozen Emotion

Loving, Innocent, Favorite, Essence,

Lost In Forgotten Eyes

"I'm not the Diamond to your ring"*A November 18, 2013 I'm not the diamond to your ring, it doesn't fit the way it should, even when it looks like it would, it never really could, I'm not the fire to your flame, I'm not the clouds to your rain, I'm not the stars in your eyes, I'm not the reason why, I left you behind me, as I walked away quietly, you stood back silently, reminiscing what we had, but there's no more of that, Walking on the path of me, I find there's more to be, My journey has only just begun, I must walk this life alone, I'm not the diamond to your ring, it doesn't fit the way it should, even when it looks like it would, it never really could, I'm not the fire to your flame, I'm not the clouds to your rain, I'm not the stars in your eyes, I'm not the reason why, You say it could work out, But I have too much doubt, I don't feel the same, game over, it's getting colder, The time to leave and say goodbye, has showed up unannounced, and so the page must turn, this chapter must now end, I no longer can pretend, There is no begin again, or starting over one more time, there's no flash of light, the spark has left my heart, I would need electric currents, to restart this heart, there's no beat to hear, no love left here, I'm not the diamond to your ring, it doesn't fit the way it should, even when it looks like it would, it never really could, I'm not the fire to your flame, I'm not the clouds to your rain, I'm not the stars in your eyes, I'm not the reason why, no no no I'm not the diamond to your ring.......*A